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A career in sales can be a promising path to take, but it also takes a positive attitude and an outgoing personality. Since your income depends on your ability to close sales, adopting the best sales strategies can impact your ability to earn a good income. Instead of relying solely on your winning personality, try incorporating some of these strategies into the way you approach and handle each potential customer.


Forget the Hard Sell

An aggressive sales approach is likely to turn people off, especially in today’s climate. Consumers are interested in forging relationships with businesses they can trust, so they tend to veer away from those businesses that seem solely intent on making a sale Instead, try to solve a problem for your customer in a way that relies on your product. Consumers are more willing to buy, if they feel as though the product will really help them.


Work with a Mentor

Until you gain experience, you may feel uncertain about your sales technique, which can lead you to second-guess your approach. Much of this uncertainty can be resolved by working with a more experienced mentor. Ask around to find out if anyone in your organization would be willing to serve in this capacity. If no one seems eager for the opportunity to pass on their wisdom, it may be time to network outside of your organization. Finding the right mentor can help reduce the time it takes you to develop your sales approach.


Use the Product Yourself

Depending on what you’re selling, it might not be feasible to buy the product outright, but ask your employer if you can test the product. It will be a great deal easier for you to sell the product if you believe in its value. Additionally, this can help you familiarize yourself with the product’s primary selling points. Becoming familiar with the product will help you come across as more honest and more sincere.

Your ability to believe in the product you’re selling and in yourself will make you more believable and more likable. Potential customers will recognize that they’re not being fed a line, which will make them more open to what you’re saying. In the end, this will help you make more sales and your satisfied customers will likely refer you to their friends and co-workers.