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Most corporations with a large revenue stream and a product to sell have an assembled team that is in direct control of their marketing efforts. The way someone views your product is essential to the longevity of it, and will determine if they want to purchase or pass and buy something else. In recent years, commercials have gotten larger budgets for events like the Super Bowl which sells airtime for millions of dollars, and you are now about to engage in marketing tactics on social media properties that include paying for reach and frequency. Some companies may do it well, but there are some that are able to achieve and surpass their goal. Here is a list of some of the most popular marketing teams in corporate America and how they are able to get the job done.



This extremely popular car company uses its marketing techniques to focus on the idea of growth, Americanized production and what it means to be apart of this country and work hard. They use slice of life commercials to build a relationship with their customers and are able to target those who usually buy their cars and trucks. During the Super Bowl they deputed a commercial with Martin Luther King giving a speech and snippets of different families personal lifes as it played. You seen soldiers going home, kids learning to cut wood and farmers going to work in the morning. This is how dodge is able to attract the everyday working American and get them to buy into their products.  


Coca Cola

An American company that has expanded its marketing tactics all over the world, Coca Cola is a master at making people buy their drinks. The company is so well know, since the logo is red and the words are easy to pronounce no matter your background or ethnicity. Coca Cola has been able to increase their sales all over the world by using different marketing tactics for different places. In China they use different holidays to promote their products, like the Chinese new year. Doing this allows those who buy the product to feel apart of the coca cola family because ads target them directly. These choices are made by the marketing team before any ad is put into production.



Tides marketing team does a wonderful job target a specific demographic and getting them to buy into their products. Tide is a laundry brand that is made for families, and the marketing team takes into consideration who buys their products the most. Whether it be the stay at home mom, or the working dad that does the laundry on Sundays. Tides team is able to persuade each buyer to purchase their product by positioning it to them as the best for what they need to accomplish. Continuing targeting the same demographic such as moms, dads and families allows Tide to continue increasing revenue and gives them room to explore other demographics while not losing money.

Marketing is a skill that all companies should invest in, whether they have a small amount of buyers or millions. It is important to continue the success of your company by letting others know about it and making it recognizable to the masses of people that may run into it eventually. When you see a red label you know it’s coke, when you see an orange jug in the laundry ailse at the grocery store, you know it’s Tide.